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Kestrel Corporation takes its name from the American Kestrel —the smallest member of the hawk family. While not much larger than a robin, the American Kestrel is a master of optimized size, weight and power. It retains the superior eyesight of its larger relatives, while capitalizing on its ability to operate in difficult environments that other hawks would not think of entering. Kestrel Corporation emphasizes its namesake’s innovative attributes in developing and delivering critical products and solutions to its clients.

Sensing: In the broadest measure, the sensing industry is estimated to be a $195 billion dollar a year business. Of particular importance to a wide range of industries are the revolutionary advances that are underway in sensor technologies. Increases in spectral, spatial and temporal resolution, sensitivity, and in the width of spectral coverage, result in feasible and affordable sensors that function with unprecedented performance. Advances in computational power allow real-time, unparalleled utilization of multicolor sensors, hyperspectral imagers, and other sensing modalities. Existing applications are significantly enhanced and completely new applications are arising. This aspect has generated a renewed demand for measuring, modeling, simulating and synthesizing multisensory attributes to a depth of detail not possible before.

The above advances are having a major impact on a number of fields that require detection, identification, measurement, diagnosis, and response in order to remain competitive or superior. Many “go-forward” solutions require the development of novel Smart Sensors, using new materials and technologies capable of providing additional information or more robust analyses than conventional techniques. Smart Sensors employ multiple methodologies as well as instrumentation and data evaluation methods that drive their real-time operation. For example, a wavefront sensor can be combined with a hyperspectral sensor to correct for real-time aberrations in the environment, thus extending the operating envelop of the smart sensor by a factor of 2 times.

Kestrel works in multiple areas of biology, engineering, the physical sciences, energy, and medicine in developing and applying its designs and processing models. The goal is to provide unprecedented sensing solutions while meeting concurrently the size, weight, power and cost requirements of our clients so that they can succeed.

Innovation: In the past a company might have had the luxury of waiting to decide to develop some of its longer-range research and development (R&D) ideas. But in an era of rapidly evolving, worldwide competition, the lost-opportunity and competitive costs due to only reacting tactically are now greatly exacerbated by faster moving strategic organizations. The development of longer-range R&D concepts must be introduced into the technology development pipeline today, in anticipation of their high payoff value tomorrow, if an organization wants to remain relevant in the global economy. The best way that a company can be assured that the “right” innovations are being developed is to realize compelling technology discrimination earlier.

Kestrel utilizes its Innovation Realization Business Process (IRBP) to continuously differentiate between “good” and “poor” ideas during the development process. Kestrel’s IRBP starts with its Science, Challenges, Opportunities, and Threats (SCOT) Analysis of the proposed development and includes a Collaborative-Sourcing relationship between itself and the client. Collaborative-Sourcing draws on the strengths of each party and the success advantages of operating cooperatively. The client brings specialized understanding (in the form of the marketplace) and Kestrel brings its years of past success experience, broad skills capacity, and ability to balance and manage early-stage R&D projects to meet future customer requirements. The end-result is that only good ideas advance to full maturity for implementation in the marketplace—thus, reducing risk, minimizing costs, protecting delivery schedule, and maximizing the return-on-investment (ROI).

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