.: collaboration

Chiefly, Kestrel is a Collaborator. We are Collaborators with our Customers as we tend to closely work with them as Partners in success. We are also Collaborators with a network of other companies and research organizations whose relationships we developed to bring unusual or rare expert skill sets to bear on a problem. This approach allows us, even as a small company, to not only deliver solutions across a wider set of problems, but to also deliver much more quickly than one might ordinarily expect. To manage these relationships, Kestrel believes in and employs the Program Management approach. This methodology allows us to identify issues early, mitigate risks, manage budgets and facilitate deliveries, even on very large and complex problems. We augment this approach with frequent communications, and open assessments with mutual respect that will help Get the Job Done and Done Right!

.: innovation process

Kestrel innovation process has been successfully crafted over the past fifteen years and employs some of the best-practices techniques as recognized by others. Our process is industry and technology independent and allows us to quantify the requirements of the customer as weighed against the risks and challenges associated with the science and product design goals. Working with the Customer, we take this information and create a realistic strategy to tackle the problem, and then form the best team to deliver against the hurdles and the requirements. The goal: Get the Job Done and Done Right!

.: example skill sets

Optical Engineering and Imaging Sensor Technologies

Biomedical Engineering and Technologies

Computer Hardware and Software Engineering